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Case Study 

$397 Million Sales
How You Dominate a Market

Every detail on every page designed, tested and (continually) optimized for maximum conversion.

 BestChicagoCondos.com: Chicago's #1 most visited, real estate lead-generation website (2006 thru 2012). An estimated 73% of all Chicago condo buyers visited during their buying journey.

Every aspect of this website was tested and continually optimized for maximum conversion (see pictures above).  

Visitors became prospects when they signed up for automated property information and email updates.

The automated, email follow-up funnels kept touch with prospects throughout their 19 month average buying journey.

Like clockwork, these emails produced predictable sales up to 42 months after sign up!  

Results: $397 Million Closed Property Sales  

The Big Takeaway

Email Follow-Up Funnels 10x Sales 

"The fortune's in the email, follow-up funnel..."  

Automated, email kept client "top of mind," every step of the prospects' 18 month buying journey.  

Prospects read these relevant, valuable and engaging emails until they contacted an agent or opted out.  

Without these (never ending) follow-up emails, likely 90% buyers and sales would have been lost.  

Today, one of the biggest mistakes I see is a poorly designed (or no) automated, email follow-up funnel.  

For many businesses, email follow-up is the low hanging fruit for massive sales improvement.  

Email that's different, relevant, interesting- offers value and entertains is read, appreciated AND SELLS...

$397 Million Online Email Sales

BestChicagocondos was sold to Dreamtown Realty in 2013. 

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What's New 

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True Story 

Bob Rosenthal- Recognized for breakthrough results and his evidence based Max-Probability™ methods.  

Rock Concert Tech Innovator Online Leader Since 1997  

Rosenthal was part of the crew that brought video projection to live rock concerts.  

He created the groundbreaking, (dazzling) video visuals for the 1994 Lollapalooza rock tour.

Today (24 years later), it's now considered "THE breakthrough moment." When big-screen, live-concert video projection moved from experimental to mass market.  

Rosenthal's rock tour adventures led straight into the roaring late 90's Internet Boom...  

"The Wild, Wild West..."

"The Internet," "Online" in 1997 was the wild wild west! No rules, uncharted territory, and a hell of a lot of fun! 

Online was THE PLACE for pirates, mavericks, entreprenuers, gamblers and innovators...  

FIRST Doctor Lead Generation Websites

Rosenthal was among the first to adapt direct response marketing methods online. First marketing plastic surgeons with America Online (A.O.L.), Excite and Yahoo.

It was brand new. They called it "Internet Marketing."

Rosenthal created some of the first successsful medical doctor, lead generation websites. These "Internet marketing campaigns" are where email, banner ads, pay per click, search engines, and testing were first used.  

FIRST Real Estate Lead Generation Websites  

Starting in about 2000, real estate marketing (suddenly) shifted to Internet based and managed.

Online, MLS (Multiple Listing Service) property search, was the key innovation that primed this mass market for lead- gen on steriods.

Websites and email became the new marketing mediums/ platfoms.

21st Century real estate marketing was born!  

Looking at homes online became entertainment, as well as a practical home search tool. And real estate website traffic exploded. 

Rosenthal's lead- gen websites were among the first to feature the new, online property search technology. 2003-2012, his sites dominated markets in Chicago, Las Vegas and Florida.  


Today, big money, billion- dollar corporations (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor) now dominate this market.They follow a model Rosenthal helped invent, trailblaze and innovate.  

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I send this "Brief" to all clients, prior to starting a project.

It's an inspired list of questions you might never think to ask and answer. It helps clarify and set focus on key aspects of your marketing profit situation.  

Marketing giant, Drayton Bird, introduced me to this tool. I credit and thank him, because he graciously offered his "Brief" as a model to use and expand upon. 

This "Brief" will be valuable to you whether you're doing something yourself, employing me or someone else...

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