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"Demand Certainty, Results
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Any Direct Marketing
Agency or Consultant
Might Hire..."

Bob Rosenthal- President

What's Direct Marketing?

"I know that half my advertising dollars
are wasted... I just don't know which half!"

John Wanamaker - Department store mogul
'The father of modern advertising'

It's 2024. Competition for your customers has never been more fierce.

For you to not only survive, but thrive... your marketing strategies MUST work well.

"Direct Marketing" is a marketing strategy that works:

Because: Direct Marketing (done well) will show you and determine what works- what doesn't, and exactly what every dollar spent returns in profit, or loss - your return on investment (R.O.I.).

This means you won't have Wanamaker's famous complaint using Direct Marketing methods.

Yet the terms "Direct Marketing" or ("Direct Response Marketing") are often misunderstood and ill defined.

Key Differences Between Direct Marketing (as an advertising approach) and General Advertising

You present and deliver an offer (the terms promoting a specific product or service), rather than a "message."

E.g., "Join today for $29," "Take our online quiz," "Call now," etc., etc.

You seek to reach a targeted audience rather than a mass audience.

You obtain a (measurable) response.

 E.g., an order, an opt in or a phone call) instead of an "awareness" message.

Each response is individually measured and captured in a database.

Characterized by continual testing and constant improvement.

It's purpose is 3-fold:

1. Rapid customer acquisition/lead generation.

2. Selling the newly acquired leads.

3. Retaining and maximizing the value of those customers (up-selling, cross-selling, data sharing).

"The truth is most Marketing firms don't like (or practice) true direct response marketing...

Because it holds them accountable for the results of their work."


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Direct Response
Success 2022

World's 1st Crypto-Stock Financial Newsletter

Long-form, text and video sales letters

World's first crypto-stock, financial newsletter,, a $49/month, recurring subscription and membership.

An ultra-lean, personal project. My business partner was the face of the business, "The Guru." He was responsible for all research and content. I handled all aspects of marketing and sales.

The financial newsletter market is characterized by bold claims. No market is more competitive. Our claims were true, fact based, and fully compliant.

Sales Process: Prospects were sent to a long-form, text sales page where they were offered a $7, 30-day trial subscription/ membership.

● Prospects who bought the trial, were immediately directed to a $249 upsell (half-price yearly subscription).

● Buyers who declined the yearly subscription upsell were enrolled in the $49 recurring, monthy membership or they cancelled.

The $249, instant upsell was key to success because it gave us an average cart value (right-away revenue) of $78. Made us profitable right away. We enjoyed a 23% take-rate on it

In 17 months, subscribers grew ZERO to 1,577 at a direct cost of only $5.71/subscriber.

Our newsletter/membership was first-rate. Refunds were minimal. And customer retention was excellent.

Results: 1,577 subscribers

In November 2022, my business partner purchased my interest, and continues to publish the newsletter (as of June 2024).

Market Domination

$397 Million Closed Sales
How You Dominate a Market

Every detail on every page designed, tested and
(continually) optimized for maximum conversion. was Chicago's #1 most visited, real estate, lead-generation website (2006 thru 2012).

It was the most successful website in a network of lead-generation websites I built, owned and marketed.

During this time, 73% of all Chicago condo buyers visited during their buying journey.

Market domination via Direct Response, lead-gen was the marketing strategy that skyrocketed the early growth of the multi-billion dollar, Chicago realty firm,

Every aspect of the site was tested for, and continually optimized for maximum conversion (see pictures above).

Visitors became prospects/leads when they signed up for automated, personalized, email property updates.

The automated, emails kept touch with prospects throughout their 19 month average buying journey.

Email follow-up was responsible for 10x more sales than property search WITHOUT email follow-up.

And like clockwork, these emails produced predictable sales up to 4 years after sign up!  

Results: $397 Million Closed Property Sales was sold to Dreamtown Realty.

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Bob Rosenthal- Trail blazing, Direct Marketing/
lead-generation leader since 1997.

From Rock Video Innovator
to Direct Marketing Leader

Rosenthal was one of the leaders who brought big-screen, video projection to rock concert tours.

ground breaking, big-screen visuals were an integral part of the 1994 Lollapalooza rock tour.

This (gigantic) tour was the first to utilize a brand new, mass-market communication medium... The Internet.

Variety magazine wrote: "
Lollapalooza hitches ride on superhighway."

America Online (AOL) experimented with streaming live video, concert highlights. At that time, AOL was the premier online service provider. It defined and shaped every aspect of the Internet.

The experiment wasn't entirely successful. Yet it was a practical demonstration of the massive, commercial and marketing/advertising opportunities soon to come.

This rock tour adventure and connection with the America Online crew led Rosenthal into the roaring 1990's Internet boom.

And straight into online, Direct Response marketing.

"The Wild, Wild West"
Internet Marketing was Born

"The Internet," "Online" in the late 1990s was the wild wild west!

No rules, totally uncharted territory, and a hell of a lot of fun! 

"Online" was THE PLACE for mavericks, entreprenuers, gamblers, innovators and Marketers. 

The FIRST Doctor Lead
Generation Websites

Rosenthal was among the first to adapt direct response marketing methods online.

He created some of the first medical doctor, lead-generation websites.

First working with America Online (AOL) to generate leads for plastic surgeons.

And then expanding to create "Internet Marketing Campaigns" with the first "search engines," Excite and Yahoo.

It's where email, banner ads, split-testing, and pay-per-click were first used for lead generation and sales.

They called it "Internet Marketing."

The FIRST Real Estate
Lead Generation Websites

Starting in about 2000, real estate marketing (suddenly) moved from newspapers to Internet based and managed websites.

Online, MLS (Multiple Listing Service) property search, was the key innovation that prompted this massive marketing shift.

Websites and email became the new marketing mediums/ platforms, and 21st Century real estate marketing was born!   

Rosenthal's real estate lead- gen websites were among the first to feature the new, MLS property search technology.

Prior to the rise of Zillow, his lead-generation websites dominated real estate markets in Chicago, Las Vegas and Florida.  


Today, big money, multi- billion dollar corporations (Zillow, Redfin, Realtor) dominate. They follow the model Rosenthal helped invent and refine.

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How We Might Help

You and Your Brand

Performance Consulting
and Breakthrough Results

We might be able to help you and your Brand if you're seeking breakthrough marketing results.

We offer performance consulting and (done for you) implementation services for select clients.

Our modern, Direct Response Marketing strategies are designed to augment, and work hand-in-glove with your "Brand" and general advertising.

How We're Different
From Most Marketing Firms

We market our own projects, with our own money.

Making your own marketing profitable is the surest way of getting smart fast!

And we've been doing this successfully since 1997.

There's no substitute for this kind of experience and mindset.

This is in stark contrast to a marketing firm employee who's guaranteed a paycheck regardless of results.

It's not even remotely comparable.

We expect to be held accountable for the results of our work.

That's because we practice true Direct Response Marketing. And because we only take on clients who are a good fit.

We get paid based on the results we deliver.

Our consulting fees are usually performance based.

Vast experience and track record of success.

Over the years we've thrived (and helped clients succeed) in nearly every kind of market, and marketing situation.

Gain the advantage of our vast experience and track record of excellence and speed of execution.

end a note, or call if you'd like to discuss your situation...

See and hear how we might help you achieve breakthrough marketing results for your business and Brand.

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